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Why Elder Care Mediation?

Helping families resolve aging parent conflicts

Elder Care Mediation helps resolve family disputes over the care and finances of an aging parent. If your family is in a stalemate or a full-blown crisis over a parent’s care, we offer a more effective alternative to litigation.

Mediation benefits include:

  • A reduction in stress, conflict and anxiety.
  • Empowers the parties to design the final outcome.
  • Mediation is much more cost-efficient and quicker than litigation.
  • Mediation is always confidential.
  • Family members can participate in mediation via phone or video conference.
  • Attorneys, health care managers, financial advisors may participate.
  • Promotes peaceful communications and designed to keep families intact.
  • Mediation can be done in the comfort of one’s home or nearby office.

Events & News

  • Elder Care Mediations Speaking Engagements
    Elder Care Mediations has been busy spreading the word about how we can help families in conflict over elder care disputes. We were honored to speak at the Partnership for Aging, Elder Concert, Mandel JCC in Boynton Beach, and the National Parkinson's Foundation.
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  • From the “OMG, I’m Getting Older And So Is My Mom” radio show
    ElderCare Mediation's Tina Polsky and Susanne Hale recently spoke with talk show host Scott Greenberg from the OMG, I'm Getting Older And So Is My Mom radio show. Click below to learn about eldercare benefits and when to involve experts to resolve family disputes over the care and finances of an aging parent.
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Introduction to Elder Care Mediations

Families know how common it is for adult children in a transitioning family to be at the heart of family disputes, but it is just as common for elder adults to be the focus of major decisions. When family members find themselves in a position to determine the medical care, living and financial arrangements for an older relative, arguments can occur and hard feelings are the norm. There is a better way and it is possible to settle family disputes related to the care of an older loved one without destroying family ties. Mediation provides a confidential, civil, family-focused resolution to even the most complicated disputes over the care of a loved one. Importantly, this type of mediation does not preclude any future legal options, so families truly have nothing to lose by utilizing this method of resolution.

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