Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Difference Among Elder Care Mediation, Guardianship and Conservatorship

When most people contemplate caring for their loved ones in their old age, they typically imagine simple scenarios. Sometimes they envision their elderly loved ones living at home with them and caring for them personally. Sometimes they already realize that a nursing home or other facility where they spend time with people their own age…
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Not All Aging Parent Issues Need Attorneys; Mediation Works

Far too often families find themselves turning to lawyers in order to solve problems in regard to aging life care issues. While attorneys are great resources for the legal end of some of these issues; a great deal of the time, concerns families may be faced with do not require legal expertise. Not enough people…
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What is Elder Mediation and how might our family benefit from it?

As each and every one of us ages, our roles in our family change. Many children will find themselves in a care-taker position when it comes to their aging parents. Siblings don’t always agree as to what the care of an aging parent should and could look like and all too often squabbles arise in…
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