Monthly Archives: November 2015

Mediating Family Dynamics

There are various ways elder care mediations can be of use to families, but one that is rather common came to us recently that seemed to ring a bell for many other families we know. The outcome was positive for all involved, so we thought we would share. (The names have been changed to protect…
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Happy Holidays with Aging Parents

Generally, parents and grandparents are part of our holiday celebrations and while you may have developed some beautiful traditions that include them, as parents get older, adult children have to take a step back on occasion and decide whether certain rituals need to be altered. This does not mean that including aging parents in festivities…
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Preparing for Elder Care Mediation

Making the decision to bring in a neutral outside party to settle family disputes can be the best decision a family makes in regard to the care of an aging family member. Allowing conflict to linger can sever ties, spoil relationships and often leaves the elder without the care they require. Preparing for family mediation…
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