Monthly Archives: January 2016

What Elder Care Mediation Can Do For You…

Each time we guest speak or share with anyone about what elder care mediations can do the response is, “AHA! I know a family that….or I haven’t spoken to my sister in…. or my brother is only in it for my parent’s money…. or I wish I knew you existed a few years ago; then…
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From the “OMG, I’m Getting Older And So Is My Mom” radio show

ElderCare Mediation's Tina Polsky and Susanne Hale recently spoke with talk show host Scott Greenberg from the OMG, I'm Getting Older And So Is My Mom radio show. Click below to learn about eldercare benefits and when to involve experts to resolve family disputes over the care and finances of an aging parent.
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Aging & Driving – What to do?

When my dad’s driving began to concern me I was unsure as to how to tell him. I knew he would grow defensive as he proclaimed before that not being able to drive threatened his sense of independence. Slowly, I became more reticent about allowing him to drive with my children as passengers and he…
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