Aging & Driving – What to do?

When my dad’s driving began to concern me I was unsure as to how to tell him. I knew he would grow defensive as he proclaimed before that not being able to drive threatened his sense of independence. Slowly, I became more reticent about allowing him to drive with my children as passengers and he began to catch on. We talked about his driving and no matter how carefully I pointed out recent dents and dings on his car he grew angry.

Telling our parents that the time may have come for them to stop driving is undoubtedly a sensitive subject. It may even be as difficult for them to hear as it is for us to bring it to their attention. Yet, there are options that can make the task a little easier for all involved.

Other than arranging for one of the many car and bus service options available to seniors, a favorite for all involved is a senior driving class. The class is developed especially for the senior driver with years of experience and ….here is the best part….it often provides a discount on car insurance.

The class covers various issues that may be of concern to all of us; drivers and children of the elderly driver. Including topics like reaction time, the effects of the aging process on driving, night driving and smart driving strategies; one can feel better about having our parents on the road a little longer.

Find a class near you and keep our families safe.

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