Dedicated to Seniors

Last week we were privileged to be a part of the Florida Assisted Living Federation of America (FL ALFA)’s 3rd annual Conference and Exhibition. Aside from getting to meet many people that travel and work within the communities we have become quite familiar with, it was an honor to share in the festivities since ALFA’s mission is quite similar to ours. FL ALFA is committed to excellence and constantly striving to improve the senior living industry. The people we met are dedicated and passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors. Being able to share our desire to maintain peace amongst family members as they care for their aging members clearly goes hand in hand with their principles and ours.

As we spoke to many of the conference’s participants who represented companies that operate professionally managed senior living communities, it was clear that each of them had dealt with a family in crisis in regard to the care of an aging parent or family member. They agreed that when family members, having to determine the medical care, living and financial arrangements for an older relative, are often arguing and left with hard feelings. It was our pleasure to enlighten them to the idea of using mediation in these sort of situations, as it provides a confidential and civil resolution to even the most complicated family disputes.

As FL ALFA’s mission statement reads, they exemplify the principles of choice, dignity, and quality of life. Ultimately, as mediators, those too are our goals. We strive to help families work beyond their disputes, so that they may be able to make the best joint decisions with regard to caring for their elderly relative.

For more information on senior living facilities in Florida, please visit . We appreciated the opportunity to speak at this conference and continuing to spread the word about the benefits of Elder Care Mediations.

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