Elder Care Mediation Keeps Families Together

Often we are asked what sort of cases elder care mediations can resolve. Truth is no two cases, like no two families are the same. Yet, many of the underlying reasons or disagreements are similar in nature; enough so that we have compiled a short list. Of course, there are more areas that can be tackled through mediation and the expectant outcomes are always to find harmony amongst family members and be sure that the elderly parent is getting the attention he or she needs.

Mediation can resolve things like:
- Who should get Power of Attorney?
- Should Mom or Dad stop driving? Children often believe driving should be stopped before we are ready.
- Is assisted living an option and if not who will parent live with?
- Disagreement about treatment choices on advanced directives.
- There is now a step-parent in the picture. Who will handle care/financials? Often children do not feel a step-parent or long term girl/boyfriend should be making these decisions.
- Estate and financial asset division.
- Caregiver stress. Occasionally one child is more available or capable of helping out. This can cause tension between adult children.
- Who will be healthcare surrogate?
- Disagreements about medical treatments or when to withhold them when a person is no longer able to make that decision.
- Who will get various tangible property; jewelry, art work, car, personal effects.

In a perfect world none of these things would cause strife amongst family members, but the reality is that it often does. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that these things can be solved in a peaceful setting that will keep your family intact long after we are there to call the shots?

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