Elder Care on the Radio

Susanne Hale and Tina Scott Polsky, elder care mediators and the owners of Elder Care Mediations, will be guests on the radio show "Oh My God I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom" on Monday, January 4 at 5pm. The show will be live on 900AM - The Talk, which is broadcast in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. The show is also simulcast live on www.900thetalk.com, so anyone around the country can listen to. It also replays Wednesday evening on 103.9 FM on Long Island.

Susanne and Tina are excited to spread the word about how Elder Care Mediations can help families in conflict. They have found that as they educate the public about the various ways elder care mediation can assist families in turmoil; more and more people are chiming in telling their own stories about how they could use mediators to maintain or renew relationships amongst family members. It’s true; we are getting older and so are our parents. How we deal with that differs in each family, but the common thread is that all of us want to maintain peaceable transitions amongst our siblings, children and parents.

Tune in on Monday, January 4th to hear more….and if you miss it we will be sure to post the broadcast shortly.

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