Even the Courts Recognize the Benefits of Elder Care Mediation

Wouldn’t it be great if families never argued? If siblings never felt slighted? If aging parents’ needs were clear cut and simple to execute? Of course! Yet sometimes these sorts of issues come into play as we all age. Fortunately, the world is beginning to see an alternative to the trials and arguments that ensue when families don’t agree and are realizing that it can save them a great deal of money, time and emotional effort. The answer is elder care mediation.
Recently quoted in the Herald-Tribune, retiring Chief Judge Lee Haworth, reflected on cases he saw throughout his twenty-six years on the bench and reflected on the rivalry and resentment that can complicate the issue of how to care for a vulnerable and aging parent. Unforeseen issues like neglect or financial exploitation may suddenly come to the forefront and before the family knows it, attorneys and/or authorities are contacted.
Sadly, guardianship is not always the answer and depending on how complicated the family feuds become, an outsider may finally become the guardian of one’s own parent. Finally, unhappy families, which can include step-parents and step-children, have found that Florida’s probate system doesn’t necessarily resolve any disharmony amongst family members, but rather thwarts the very same issues that needed solving. Often guardianship can deplete an elder of his/her savings and restrict visitations from loved ones; neither of which was the intention when guardianship was initially sought.
Fortunately, the courts are now recognizing that mediation is a faster, more efficient and smarter choice for families in this sort of turmoil. Before your family ends up in court, seek help from an elder care mediator who can help resolve these difficult issues before anyone needs to resort to litigation. Elder Care Mediations is a pioneer in the field and can help struggling families before it’s too late.


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