Not All Aging Parent Issues Need Attorneys; Mediation Works

Far too often families find themselves turning to lawyers in order to solve problems in regard to aging life care issues. While attorneys are great resources for the legal end of some of these issues; a great deal of the time, concerns families may be faced with do not require legal expertise. Not enough people know that there is a less costly, private and simpler solution: mediation.

There are many different avenues elder care mediation can take, but the key is is that mediation opens up family communication and often introduces the family to resources and/or alternatives they may not have been aware of before disagreements began. Mediation can be used to assist in taking the car keys from an aging parent; something no one wants to do, but it can be used to resolve far more as well.

Complex issues that mediation can help to resolve could include medical, physical, cognitive, emotional and financial issues. Mediators are well aware that all family dynamics are complicated and dealing with changing lifestyles and the needs of an elder can be sensitive. Yet, through mediation proactive families can have open and confidential conversations to resolve conflict before they tear them apart emotionally and financially. Perhaps families cannot agree on where an aging parent should live, who should be that parents medical advocate or struggles have begun to infringe on relationships between family members due to disagreements regarding the finances involved in a parent’s care.

If one is grappling with issues related to an elder’s financial responsibilities, capacity to make important decisions, or arrangements regarding daily living and assistance needs, mediation probably is an excellent alternative towards resolution. Mediation lets a family design a realistic, workable solution that preserves family relationships and emotional health. It is an appropriate and confidential forum for resolving any conflict where the parties involved participate voluntarily.

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