The Benefits of Family Mediation Where Aging Parents Are Concerned

As parents age many families find themselves in conflict in regard to how an aging parents’ life care plan should pan out. Stress and arguments often lead to diminished communication and damaged relationships; something no parent ever planned on or would make them happy. Elder care mediations can help to preserve these relationships while exploring the best alternatives for the aging parent.

Some of the benefits of mediation include:
- A reduction in stress, conflict and anxiety
- Mediation is always confidential.
- With permission, experts are welcome, yet personal information remains confidential.
- Promotes peaceful communication and cooperation.
- Empowers parties to design the final outcome (this may even include the parent).
- Mediation is much more cost efficient than litigation.
- Mediation can be done quickly and efficiently. It is far less time consuming than litigation.
- Mediation can be done in the comfort of one’s home or a nearby office. Family members can even b
a part of mediation via phone or skype.

When it comes to the care of one’s aging parents it is not uncommon for emotions to run high and families to find disagreement as to the next step. Mediation allows families to find compromise and tailor a solution that will best meet the needs of all involved; while maintaining family harmony.

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