What Elder Care Mediation Can Do For You…

Each time we guest speak or share with anyone about what elder care mediations can do the response is, “AHA! I know a family that….or I haven’t spoken to my sister in…. or my brother is only in it for my parent’s money…. or I wish I knew you existed a few years ago; then I might still be talking to…. Sadly, too many families find themselves in conflict over the care of a loved one.

We are constantly asked how mediations work, who benefits from it and how a family can get started. Let’s suffice it to say mediations can help any family in turmoil in regard to the changes that occur as a parent ages. If your family is in a stalemate or a full-blown crisis over a parent’s care, elder care mediation offers a more effective alternative to litigation. The process is confidential, civil, and family-focused and can provide a resolution to even the most complicated disputes. It does not preclude any future legal options, so families truly have nothing to lose by utilizing this method of resolution.

Mediation also…

• reduces stress, conflict and anxiety amongst family members.
• empowers the parties to find a solution.
• much more cost-efficient and quicker than litigation.
• is always confidential.
• allows attorneys, health care managers, financial advisors, out-of-town family members to participate.
• promotes peaceful communications and is designed to keep families intact.
• can be done in the comfort of one’s home or nearby office.

The question is, what is more important than family? Pass this on to the family that just came to mind. They will thank you later.

To hear more about elder care mediation, listen to the following podcast: (And thank you to Scott Greenberg for having us on your show.)


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