Introduction to Elder Care Mediations

Families know how common it is for adult children in a transitioning family to be at the heart of family disputes, but it is just as common for elder adults to be the focus of major decisions. When family members find themselves in a position to determine the medical care, living and financial arrangements for an older relative, arguments can occur and hard feelings are the norm. There is a better way and it is possible to settle family disputes related to the care of an older loved one without destroying family ties. Mediation provides a confidential, civil, family-focused resolution to even the most complicated disputes over the care of a loved one. Importantly, this type of mediation does not preclude any future legal options, so families truly have nothing to lose by utilizing this method of resolution.

In most cases, family members making decisions about elder care only want what is best for their loved one. Unfortunately, what one family member’s opinion about what is best might not be shared by other members of the family. A neutral, third party mediator is able to facilitate conversation and keep the process focused on the well-being of the elder loved one. In the end, family members remain in control of the resolution and are able to design it in a civilized, communication-centered environment.

Mediation is a confidential, private and cost-efficient process which streamlines any conflicts which may occur with an aging parent and adult children: type of medical care, living arrangements, financial concerns, real estate and inheritance questions. With or without attorneys, mediation can help create a roadmap for the future care of the parents which addresses all of these concerns, can prevent litigation, and can keep the family in harmony.

Tina and Susanne bring their years of legal and family mediation expertise to create a unique team approach to resolving these difficult elder care matters.

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