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Mediating Family Dynamics

There are various ways elder care mediations can be of use to families, but one that is rather common came to us recently that seemed to ring a bell for many other families we know. The outcome was positive for all involved, so we thought we would share. (The names have been changed to protect…
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Elder Care Mediation Keeps Families Together

Often we are asked what sort of cases elder care mediations can resolve. Truth is no two cases, like no two families are the same. Yet, many of the underlying reasons or disagreements are similar in nature; enough so that we have compiled a short list. Of course, there are more areas that can be…
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Taking Away an Aging Parent’s Keys

The day I hesitated before putting my children in the car with my dad, was the day I realized that it was time for dad to stop driving. I knew though that he wasn’t going to give up driving without a fight and I wanted to be prepared with resources to make the transition for…
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