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Elder Care Issues Resolved Through Family Mediation

One of the most challenging issues that most families will face at some point in their lives has to do with aging parents, grandparents, or even siblings. As family members get older, they will face health and financial issues that younger people do not usually have to worry about, and these issues often become acute…
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The Benefits of Family Mediation Where Aging Parents Are Concerned

As parents age many families find themselves in conflict in regard to how an aging parents’ life care plan should pan out. Stress and arguments often lead to diminished communication and damaged relationships; something no parent ever planned on or would make them happy. Elder care mediations can help to preserve these relationships while exploring…
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Not All Aging Parent Issues Need Attorneys; Mediation Works

Far too often families find themselves turning to lawyers in order to solve problems in regard to aging life care issues. While attorneys are great resources for the legal end of some of these issues; a great deal of the time, concerns families may be faced with do not require legal expertise. Not enough people…
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