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Elder Care on the Radio

Susanne Hale and Tina Scott Polsky, elder care mediators and the owners of Elder Care Mediations, will be guests on the radio show "Oh My God I'm Getting Older and So Is My Mom" on Monday, January 4 at 5pm. The show will be live on 900AM - The Talk, which is broadcast in Palm…
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Preparing for Elder Care Mediation

Making the decision to bring in a neutral outside party to settle family disputes can be the best decision a family makes in regard to the care of an aging family member. Allowing conflict to linger can sever ties, spoil relationships and often leaves the elder without the care they require. Preparing for family mediation…
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What is Elder Mediation and how might our family benefit from it?

As each and every one of us ages, our roles in our family change. Many children will find themselves in a care-taker position when it comes to their aging parents. Siblings don’t always agree as to what the care of an aging parent should and could look like and all too often squabbles arise in…
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