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Elder Care Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution dedicated to helping families address their legal disputes without the pitfalls that come with a courtroom battle. Remember, lawsuits are expensive and can take up to years to resolve. One can spend thousands of dollars on attorney fees before any sort of settlement is perceptible.

Elder Care Mediations provides a unique team approach to all of its cases, utilizing the special skills of a lawyer/mediator and family mediator/parent coordinator to bring the full range of competencies to these difficult situations.

Tina Scott Polsky

Tina Scott Polsky

Tina Scott Polsky, an attorney and full-time mediator, brings her legal expertise and special training in Elder Law Mediation to the practice. Tina has successfully resolved hundreds of disputes in all areas of litigation. She uses her legal background and extensive mediation experience to help families narrow down their issues and efficiently and cost-effectively formulate agreements to keep the family intact while protecting the elder in concern.

Tina has earned licenses as a Florida Civil Circuit Mediator, an Appellate Mediator, an American Arbitration Association Mediator, a FINRA Mediator and Arbitrator and a Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator.

Prior to dedicating herself full-time to mediation, Tina practiced law at the prestigious law firms of Proskauer Rose and Morrison Cohen Singer & Weinstein in New York and in corporate roles at Bankers Trust and Pitney Bowes.

Tina is a cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Columbia Law School.

Tina is a volunteer with Best Foot Forward, Pretzels for Parkinson’s and a founder of the Samaritans365 Club at Waters Edge Elementary.

Susanne Jacoby-Hale

Susanne J. Hale

Susanne J. Hale, an experienced Family Law Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, believes compassion and communication are often missing from legal disputes. This can lead parties down a contentious path. Mediation provides an opportunity to explore an issue from all angles, stretch past the barriers that are precluding families from reaching agreements; including the emotional aspects of the situation. Susanne takes pride in working towards successful resolution quickly, thoroughly and amicably. By neutrally breaking past communication barriers, families can express their individual needs and formulate plans that will ultimately lead to a settlement agreement that satisfies all involved.

Prior to mediating full-time, Susanne worked as a teacher and counselor of high-risk students in an effort to reduce the drop-out rate and learned that respect and the ability to listen was needed to help young people make the best choices. She has transferred her kindness, understanding and patience to her mediation practice.

Susanne is a graduate of the State University of Albany and a cum laude Masters graduate of New York University.

Susanne is a volunteer with PAP Corp. (for cancer research), Anti-Defamation League and has written and been awarded various grants for the betterment of education and drop-out prevention in New York and Florida. Susanne is the author of Shades of Gray, an account of life in inner-city schools.